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Welcome to Lankanion Photography & Imaging

Hello, my name is Geoff.  Lankanion has been and continues to be my long term vision for many years.  My goal is to bring back the traditional, classic portrait into this rapidly changing and ever increasing world of technology.  In many ways it’s a lost art.  Look back over the years and you will find numerous family and personal portraits captured originally by artists and later by a plethora of photographers.  Prior to that family portraits were painted by famous and even not-so-famous painters and hung on the walls of those huge mansions that were owned by the aristocracy. Many of them remain to this day.

Who can forget the 30′s, 40′s and 50′s where those iconic black and white Hollywood portraits of film stars were captured by the master studio photographers of the day.  However they all have one thing in common – they involved not only the masterful skill and passion of the artist or photographer to capture the moment and later lovingly turn those images into canvases or prints but also the willingness, co-operation and in many cases the innocence of the subject.  Somehow the images seemed, and as history has proven, timeless.

These days in our fast paced world almost everyone seems preoccupied with quick snapshots, ‘selfies’, vivid colours and electronic gadgetry and very few make an effort to continue the tradition.  Certainly to a large extent our concepts and tastes have changed, photographs are rarely printed, instead they are stored in their hundreds or thousands on home computers, smart phones, Instagram or Facebook.  The family treasures are no longer framed and hung on walls, they are in effect hidden and vulnerable.  Gone are the days where the shoebox full of negatives (like my mother and grandmother had) could be dragged out, reprinted and save the day.

The immortal Ansel Adams once said ~ there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs ~

I have been a photographer for the past 40 odd years.  When I started out with my trusty Canon FT-QL and a humble home darkroom I was shooting mainly cars, wildlife, landscapes and a few exotic locations.  I never forgot nor lost sight of those words that my hero and silent inspiration had uttered.  I have, and will always work to that ‘rule’ so to speak.  So many years, countless rolls of film, far too many cameras and numerous items of equipment later we finally arrived at the digital age.  At first I resisted, preferring to remain with, and trust,  the tried and proven but eventually I succumbed and became a true convert although I did continue to use some film, particularly for B&W.  Don’t get me wrong here, I love technology and the creativity it offers us.  The fact remains – that somewhere over the past 30 years the traditional portrait was lost. So now my workflow is almost entirely medium format, film based and black & white.  I have returned to my roots so to speak.

Now I believe we can combine state of the art technology, modern tools and techniques together with an old art form and return to capturing those treasured memories, preserving them for future generations.  However, nothing matches a genuine photographic print on silver halide, its has magical and mystical qualities.  Unfortunately in this fast paced world everything and everybody is rushed.  Traditional portraiture takes time.  So slow down, immerse yourself and enjoy the experience.  You will not regret it.

My real passion is photographing people and nothing gives me more pleasure than to produce a photograph that grasps the emotion of the moment and brings back those lost times.  I would love to help you create outstanding artworks that you and your family can enjoy and maybe even preserve for those future generations.

Thank you for taking the time to browse this web site.  I certainly hope you find it both informative and enjoyable. When you want to create that special photograph for yourself, for family or friends or have need of photographic services for your business please contact us, I would love to answer your questions and discuss your thoughts.  I personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Geoffrey Levings – Founder & Photographer