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I always look terrible in photos
I can’t tell you how many times we have heard that.  Don’t worry.  We are very used to having people who don’t believe in themselves, are self-conscious or unbelievably nervous.  It’s perfectly normal.  Our job is to make you look and feel beautiful, calm you down and make certain that you enjoy the experience.  It may seem daunting initially but after a very short time you will be on top of the world, having fun and wonder what all the fuss was about.
What is difference between Glamour Retouching and Spot and Blemish Retouching?
Most of us all have the odd freckle, scar or similar that we don’t want to be there. Spot & Blemish retouching is basically just that. – we remove these items to give your skin a blemish free look. On the other hand Glamour retouching is far more dramatic. Think of it as a magical electronic facelift. In addition to removing spots & blemishes we lessen the skin pore size, enhance skin tone and generally give you a complete make-over.  However, you may decide that your natural look is desirable.  At the end of the day the level of retouching work carried out is up to you.  The young lady in the header of this website did not want us to remove her freckles under any circumstances.  We didn’t of course and after-all they do look cute.
Can I do my own hair and make-up?
Unless you are actually a qualified make-up artist or hair stylist we prefer to use professionals.  Photographic make-up differs from normal street make-up, uses different product and has very specific qualities. Same goes for hair although we do understand that any people are able to manage very well by themselves.  We will discuss it all with you before your shoot.  Think of it like your wedding – would you do your own make-up and hair????
Professional photography is expensive.  How much does it cost?  
We have very affordable packages starting from as little as $200 which includes a few prints.  Give us a call and we can give you quote once we understand what you are looking for.  Take look at this article
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Cash, Cheque or PayPal.
EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities are coming soon.
When am I expected to pay for my session?
Depending on exactly what is involved we ask you to pay on booking or with larger projects we ask for a deposit.
How much time will the photoshoot take?
This usually depends on exactly how complicated it is.  Normally expect around 2 to 3 hours including hair and make-up.  However if we are shooting multiple ‘looks’ or working with multiple people it could take much longer.
How long does it take after the photo session to get my prints?
Depending on workload usually around a week or so.
Are children welcome at our portrait session?
Yes of course. However as the studio is somewhat a fragile and expensive environment we do ask that you keep your children under control at all times.  Unless they are part of the photoshoot it is probably best to leave them at home as it makes you more relaxed without having to worry about them.
What clothing should I wear or bring along to a session?
Something that you are comfortable in and is a little ‘dressy’. It is entirely up to you but dressing up for the occasion usually makes you feel better and at the end of the day yields better photographs. We will ask you when you book about colours so we can select an appropriate background system that doesn’t clash with your clothing.  Depending on exactly what style of photoshoot we have planned will will discuss everything with you.  Sometimes there are very specific things that you may need to do or bring along.
Do you have a female photographer?
No, not at this stage. However, we do use female make-up artists, stylists and and often photographic assistants. Don’t worry too much about it.
Are my photographs and prints safe and secure?
Absolutely yes. We store all photographs on multiple secure hard drives and print in-house up to A2 in size.  Larger prints are outsourced and we only use professional print services that are very secure. Also we will never release or publish an image in any way what-so-ever unless you agree in writing. Some our special promotional offers often require that we may use the photographs on our website or for other promotional or advertising purposes. In this case you will be asked to sign a ‘Model Release’ form that lays down the conditions and copyright aspects.
Can you photograph my wedding or special event?
These days we will only shoot weddings or events in exceptional circumstances.  Ask by all means but please don’t be offended if we say ‘thanks but no thanks’.